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The ocean is a timeless metaphor for the psyche and the mysteries that lie within relationships. Some clients like to stay on the sand, far and away from the movement of the waves. Some clients like to dip their toes in and dally in the vicissitudes of change, at the contact point between our inner world and our outer experience. Other clients like to dive deep into the depths of ambiguity and uncertainty.
Regardless of where you find yourself, I will accompany you.
Welcome To My Practice
I work with couples in all stages of relationship conflict, whether you are trying to reignite/deepen intimacy,
decide whether to stay in your relationship,
or transition out of your relationship.
Some important reasons to seek psychotherapy services include feeling:

• stuck repeating patterns or negative cycles
• anxious and/or unable to manage your feelings
• confused, shamed, dismissed
• lonely, disconnected, lacking purpose/meaning
• angry, unheard, misunderstood
• helpless, hopeless, depressed
• overwhelmed and/or out of balance
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